TALENT was born out of the protracted production problems that beleaguered the preceding SEX FACTOR drama, the group’s infamous and ill-fated response to Alania Dawes’ disappearance. This virtual cyber juggernaut evolved through 18 months of production leading to these final episodes, the 2012 materials, which form this unique and incomparable three-part sequel.

Talent begins at boot camp, as the leading Sex Factor contestants are short listed and brought together for an unforgettable, unrepentant femdom fiesta. A modern day Woodstock, where the bois are invariably naked and the girls resplendently Diva’esque. The contestants are soon dwindled down through a myriad of erotic CFNM scenarios and as the competition develops, worrying undercurrents and subterfuges soon surface to provide an incisive, uncompromising commentary upon the transient nature of relationships, as the squabbles and tribulations of campus life soon preoccupy its inhabitants.

Ultimately Dawes’ manuscript provides a cosmic statement of intent, a declaration of war upon all who dare challenge progress towards the feminine prerogative. Breathtakingly arrogant in conception. Dawes is undoubtedly the genre’s final major league hitter departing on top of her game and in a league of her own.

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Original EROTICA


Alania's incomparable back catalogue of original Femdom Stories, Images and Erotica

Eight series covering the period from Alania Dawes emergence within Second Life until her sudden disappearance in 2011.


Six series created by ALANIAS guest directors between 2011 until 2016 describing Dawes' exile and the dissolution of the original ALANIAS global community


New previously unpublished material discovered and reconstructed following Dawes' alleged resurrection in 2017 and culminating in the final temination of the ALANIAS estate...