Sun Sea & Swing

In 2015 ALANIAS transformed an entire second-Life SIM into a unique Mediterranean island playground in order to produce the second up-scaling of early Dawes material. Sun, Sea & Swing recreated the author’s original 2008 script and produced a staggering collosus of unforgettable virtual erotica, set within the glorious hot and steamy Greek islands. This is a chaotic celebration of hard-core sexual liberation, for which Alania penned the wild and wilful, Taylor Mainwaring as her super-charged, take-no-crap heroine, competing blow by blow with bi-sexual partner (Phillip) in a quest for sexual domination.  

Taylor collects sexual conquests as other tourists might seek out kitsch mementos. Unfortunately, in-between the ever-cheerful vacationing preppies and the red-hot local studs are darker, damaged characters whose emotional baggage is soon deposited at her mercy. Soon, legendary ALANIAS icons are catastrophically crash-landing into the lives of the two decadent Brit swingers as the narrative shamelessly explores a crescendo of erotic adventures, culminating dramatically in a savagely dark finale in which the protagonists are tested to their limits. Dawes famously once described Sun, Sea & Swing as the script that taught her there was no limit to where her readership were prepared to follow.

Twenty-two virtual actors collaborate to produce a classically complex Alania Dawes graphic drama, synonymous with the author's unique sense of tragedy. Disturbing, auto-biographical flashbacks and premonitions, parallel plots and sudden realizations, make for uncomfortable reading. Dawes has re-possessed her original central characters to present a distressingly nuanced account of a truly decadent relationship.  

It is difficult to love Alania or indeed to empathize with many of her leading protagonists, characters whose lives are defined by promiscuity and the altruistic pursuit of sexual fulfillment at the expense of all else. As ever, the veneers and masks are rarely ever what they seem... Possibly Dawes most deviant production...

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