Sex Factor

Throughout the months that immediately followed Alania Dawes’ disappearance, her virtual estates drifted into neglect and her online creative collaborations systematically disbanded. Dawes had become the catalytic hub for a subterranean global network of academics, artists and quasi-conspiracist truthers, all of whom now distanced themselves following her demise. Yet her work continued to attract attention; her scripts ceded to The ALANIAS Templar Trust from which ‘Sex Factor’ was created, a new hysterical modernist parody through which the author’s voice once more found traction.

Directed in Second Life by Dawes' protégé, Auzzgirl Miami, Sex Factor gathers together an impressive line up of virtual actors, drawn into the centrifugal vortex created by the author's reputation. It presents a hysterical parody of trans-Atlantic talent shows, teeming with eager young, hung male models competing against some seriously outrageous female dommes, each supervised by a demanding and discerning celebrity mentor. As the competition develops in true ALANIAS style the reader is soon engulfed by a myriad of insanely sexual scenarios that seamlessly and mischievously unfold to finally uncover who really does have… The Sex Factor.

Alania Dawes’ complex presence resonates throughout this work, her ghostly Hitchcock’esque hand steering the cameras towards secret soirees, whilst whispering wicked wishes into the hearts of deliriously lustful studs. An elaborate, often chaotic production requiring 18 months to complete, its original narrative was deconstructed in 2012 and the opening volumes reformed in this four-part drama; the latter material subsequently brought together under the separate title - 'Talent.’

Sex Factor reasserts Dawes within her natural genre, casually dissecting aspects of modern pop culture and illuminating the natural opportunities that abound for determined, independent minded women to cut free from repressive societal expectations and to indulge their most lavish sexual fantasies.

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