The Model

THE MODEL is a love story, written in 3 parts and originally recorded ‘live’ in Second Life throughout the early months of 2013. It recreates Alania Dawes’ fledgling 2007 script about a beautiful but frustrated young woman’s dissent into debauchery, as she attempts to resurrect her faded marriage to a closeted, bisexual husband. In remaking the 2007 drama the inevitable scars produced by a turbulent real-life ménage-a-trois are brutally reopened, as Alania’s own marriage is surgically dissected within this tale of lust and infidelity. A story of all-consuming self-obsession, of vanity and the inevitable collision of competing ambitions.

THE MODEL explores the excessive world of haute couture from a stark post-feminist perspective, affording the author multiple opportunities to appraise the erotic boundaries of pseudo-Platonic relationships that develop behind the catwalk curtain. Dawes brilliantly contrasts the sizzling sexuality inherent within this narcissistic environment with the cold, lifeless condition of the Model’s own marriage and in so doing celebrates the ecstasy of illicit, unbridled passion amid the cold cynicism of casual betrayal. Dawes dares her reader to ‘rubber-neck’ this car-crash street opera, to applaud the disintegration of the delicate tapestry that once united a woman with a man, to behold the deafening silence that remains when the invisible, emotional bonds of partnership break.

A haunting, sometimes shocking portrayal of infidelity laced with Dawes’ delicious trademark CFNM scenarios, as her wonderfully modern, villain’esque Domme enacts scorn upon a cuckold husband through tantalizing erotic scenes, rich with gender reversals and the obligatory objectification of her core commodity - fit hapless bois. THE MODEL leads her merry, normally naked young men tirelessly through their paces; at the gym, in the sauna, the art complex and of course along the catwalk, taunting and teasing the Cheshire housewife set as she does.

Through her reconstruction of the original storyboards, Dawes has produced a dark, sophisticated tale that intrigues on many levels and brings together hidden facets of her own character and the unimaginable, often unspeakable energies that underlie her core narrative.

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