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Conspiracist writer, Alania Dawes is undoubtedly one of the most controversial and shocking figures to have appeared within the disparate anti-establishmental media having attained significant notoriety as an outspoken and unpredictable writer of hard core feminist erotica.

Since her dramatic disappearance in February 2011 she has become one of the world's most compelling and enigmatic Truther icons.

Alania projected a complex and often disturbing figure. Dark forces never seeming to permit her to rest, nor to allow the mask to slip. Hence ultimately this is a dark tale and the figure of Alania herself no less tragic nor emotionally disfigured than any of her much maligned heroines.

For Alania there was always an unfathomable interplay between reality and fiction and the lines that separated the real person from her virtual caricature, which, over time became almost indistinguishable.

Alania Dawes disappeared during the filming of The Plantation, the final Bathory Volume.

Some say she had become inescapably trapped within the Countess’ desperate pyschotic persona, desperate and suicidal, unable to separate her own fate from that of the demon, Erszebet.
Femdom writer, Alania Dawes. Early SL image.

Political Career

Throughout her work Dawes alluded to a political career (either as a high ranking regional or national strategist). This has led to much inevitable speculation regarding her persona’s true identity.

Early Life

There is no known information relating to her family background.

Online Emergence

First corroborated presence closely links the author to the UK cabalist group, Templar Communions c 2006


* Radical feminist advocate allegedly entrapped by regional UK political press and smeared by series of sexual scandals. Implicated in the death of a student lover.

* Suspected author of a series of coded manuscripts seized by UK Special Branch following the election of the third Blair government.

* Creator of ALANIAS, hub of a series of global, Femdom, social media channels.

* Author of the ALANIAS trail, a series of semi-pornographic, autobiographical graphic novels rumoured to implicate senior figures of the UK establishment in a trail of debauchery, ritualistic abuse and murder.

* Suicided. January 22nd, 2011.


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