The ALANIAS Trust remained active within Second Life throughout 2016 and following its successful up-scaling of early Dawes’ manuscripts; The Model and Sun Sea and Swing, plans were established to reshoot the original CFNM Party. However, given the now iconic status of this work, the decision was made to instead create a sequel and in so doing rediscover and re-invent the original Templar character as Horse-Boi. The result is CFNM carnage, with a fittingly poignant and dark Alania’esque climax.   

Templar was autistic, his autism a challenge for those close to him, leaving him often friendless and alone. Strangely, despite his awkwardness and at times confrontational character, women of all ages and backgrounds seemed drawn to him. What was his secret, his unique selling point? How was it that otherwise intelligent, independent and powerful women begin to act like lad-mad teenagers around this awkward, rather dull young man?   

In this short, three part story, Alania meticulously explores Templar’s secret inner world while recreating a number of key characters from the original script and back-filling their narratives. Debbie, the West End Girl, is the undisputed leader of the East Kent Women of Distinction’s pack. At fifty-four she had rediscovered her mojo having braved the surgeon's blade and resurfaced as a high-contrast facsimile of her former self. Younger, braver, better!   

Templar had also buffed up and learnt a few things about women like Debbie. Firstly, he would be seen but not heard. He was at all times to carefully conceal his powerful intellect as no-one loves a smart-arse! He was to act benign, childlike and frankly, a little stupid, certainly helpless. All of this would evoke sympathy and attention. Secondly, he must never neglect his body as a result of spending too much time sitting around daydreaming. You see, Templar had a quite extraordinary physique, one that women noticed and approved of. He’d learned to show this off in an understated sort of way, to draw their attention to his key attributes and to provide the subtle clues about his potential and core capabilities that women were nearly always quietly looking out for.

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