Emilie – Dawes‘ penultimate incarnation. Pursued through paradise, trapped in time. Alania Dawes’ final historical persona. Incarcerated in an ancient asylum for the clinically insane. Murdered... And reborn... Set in both Victorian England and Third Republic France, Emmeline follows its heroine’s adventures through World War and social upheaval as activist, feminist and militant suffragette.Emile - Rousseau’s restless and lonesome child, essentially humane and exquisitely benign. An incorruptible spectator and voyeur. Forever alone yet in essence, part of each of us. A witness to our darkst deeds. Our conscience and Mistress for each corrupting human impulse.

Produced and Directed throughout 2014, ALANIAS Associate Director, Temple Lemon created three generations of Dawes’ heroine to re-interpret the life and times of suffragette, Emmeline Goldman.It would take a further two years for the author’s dialogue to first become embedded and a first draft manuscript finalised. it has remained unpublished until now, as such Emmeline is Alania’s rarest gift, as scarce as it is obscure. Once described as Alania’s personal Fantasia, Emmeline marks the culmination of the Allegorical Histories – The ALANIAS Trail. Its characters and their fates utterly immersed within Dawes’ unique, hallucinogenic view of world history and saturated with startling, obtuse, conspiratorial Truths.

Alania Dawes’ unmistakable dry wit and indestructible sentimentality again deliver Femdom eroticism of the highest order against a backdrop of horrific global events, as only she dare. Sometimes shocking, always thought provoking, Dawes continues to question everything and to accept no rules nor boundaries for her erotica. Perhaps truth like courage is only ever really found in the darkest of places...

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Eight series covering the period from Alania Dawes emergence within Second Life until her sudden disappearance in 2011.


Six series created by ALANIAS guest directors between 2011 until 2016 describing Dawes' exile and the dissolution of the original ALANIAS global community


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