- A Legacy of Drama -

You ask, what is Alanias? And I say, it is but a fancy with which it amuses me to taunt you, for I adore mystery and cannot resist to set a riddle before I leave. Think of it as my final gift, a vacuous gesture from a simple tormented soul, enjoy it at whichever level you choose and take from it what you need. Perhaps one day, this day, it shall exist solely because those who were close to me, those who really knew me, could not bare to say goodbye.

But remember this, let Alania’s voice be silenced not, for the truth is a dangerous foul headed beast and there are powers close by who would prefer that it remain unheard...


Come... Leave behind your tired preconceptions and allow Alania's mystery to take root.
Alania Dawes is the Creator of ALANIAS. Author of an unrivaled back catalogue of sophisticated, female-focused erotica and original illustrated graphic novels.

The 0fficial Website of Author and Digital Artist Alania Dawes.

Dawes† creates original, multi-layered, CFNM themed, graphic novels, stories that celebrate female sexuality, naked male erotica and the sexual objectification of the idealised male physique.

Each drama is created and recorded at the ALANIAS virtual reality studios in Second Life following award winning Feminist writer Alania Dawes original scripts. Draft digital portfolios are then remastered before Dawes overlays her shocking, hysterical, often moving narrative and dialogue. The result is unique, sophisticated erotica that forensically explores powerful, emotional themes and extraordinary characters to create a stunning collection of complex erotica. Each graphic novel is typically 200 - 300 pages long. Also available in 50 - 80 page individual episodes.

Dawes† is undoubtedly one of the most controversial and shocking figures to have appeared within the disparate anti-establishmental media having attained significant notoriety as an outspoken and unpredictable writer of hard core feminist erotica. A unique presence. A calm, courageous voice in a world of false promises and fools gold.

You are invited to experience a rare insight into an alternate, secret world of passion. A shadowy, challenging realm of eroticism. Of poignant, life affirming humour and ecstatic sexual freedom. Welcome...

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A Legacy of Drama...

Since her dramatic disappearance in February 2011, Alania Dawes† has become one of the world's most compelling and enigmatic Truther icons. Alania projected a complex and often disturbing figure. Dark forces never seeming to permit her to rest, nor to allow the mask to slip. Hence ultimately this is a dark tale and the figure of Alania herself no less tragic nor emotionally disfigured than any of her much maligned heroines.

For Alania there was always an unfathomable interplay between reality and fiction and the lines that separated the real person from her virtual caricature, which, over time became almost indistinguishable.

Alania Dawes disappeared during the filming of The Plantation, the final Bathory Volume. Some say she had become inescapably trapped within the Countess’ desperate pyschotic persona, desperate and suicidal, unable to separate her own fate from that of the demon, Erszebet.

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Of Erotica...
Search not here for pornography. Alania's reward is neither instant nor without risk nor consequence. Rather, allow your imagination to be slowly piqued. Let your thoughts meander, leaving preconceptions behind as Her mystery takes root. Something deeper and darker patiently awaits, to relocate within a lost, undiscovered corner of your mind. Something irresistible. Something restless, that shall recur often and refuse to be stilled. Something terrifyingly unique, never to be forgotten...
Alania Dawes †
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I guess endings are never good. They reach out and claim us like lost property. They question our intentions and in so doing mischievously fuel destructive self doubt… We leave people, that is basically all that we do, we frivolous, inconsequential human beings. Within each of us we develop the capacity to leave others. It’s a fundamental aspect of this mortal coil. Life's simple, single, unquestionable truth. The preparation for departure, the false tracks and implied smiles. The insinuation of a happy alternative are all part of this dark conspiracy.

I prepare to leave. As anniversaries loom and ghosts call out from behind sealed walls. And you may think me insane, but my reality is simple and embedded within modern truths. So, I finally switch off this murderous machine. It flickers momentarily as though refusing to be extinguished. A final respite perhaps then... Nothing... Rather disappointing to be at the last so underwhelmed, spoilt by the scandal of anticipation...

I am so sorry...

*Alania turns somewhat melodramatically and disappears into an acidic early morning drizzle...