An exclusive collection of original Femdom stories by the Queen of virtual Clothed Female, Naked Male Erotica.

Unique graphic drama combining outstanding digital artwork with Dawes' hauntingly dark narrative to produce gripping, sometimes hilarious, sometimes devastating, female-focused entertainment.

Representing over a decade of incomparable virtual CFNM and Femdom drama.

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Sophisticated female focused drama

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THE ALANIA DAWES story ARCHIVE celebrates unrepentent female sexuality whilst actively promoting the sexual objectification of men.

Home of the ALANIAS trail. A dark, conspiratorial, Femdom journey.

Dawes creates innovative graphic CFNM and Femdom images; art that is by nature erotic. Alania may legitimately choose to use or not to use explicit representations of consensual sexual intimacy in order to convey her femdom story's aspirations. Each work may therefore by definition challenge, although its use of explicit CFNM and Femdom imagery is always carefully considered and never gratuitous nor unnecessarily crude.

14 Full Length Femdom Graphic Novels - 59 Individual Volumes - 4000+ illustrated pages of original CFNM and Femdom art and erotica.

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Home of Virtual CFNM & Femdom Erotica
A unique FemDom soap opera, in which ALL men are eye candy.

Stunning ALANIAS machinima and digital artwork created within the magical virtual world of Second Life at the author's private Femdom and CFNM movie studios.
An evocative virtual backdrop for Alania Dawes' most challenging tales of torment and titilation, to produce an unparalelled archive of graphic material.

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Includes individual links to all 24 volumes currently available, plus unpublished material scheduled for forthcoming Third Edition release.

Startling male striptease, sensuous secret society initiations and gloriously extravagant, historical erotic fiction.
A secret glimpses into the author's own shocking, private narrative.

DAWES - A Legacy of Drama

Conspiracist writer, Alania Dawes is undoubtedly one of the most controversial and shocking figures to have appeared within the disparate anti-establishmental media
having attained significant notoriety as an outspoken and unpredictable writer of hardcore feminist erotica.
Her seminal writings, instinctive erotic genius and unique understanding and perspective of gender politics and the sexual objectification of men, remain both a fascinating and shocking inspiration.

This is her Legacy.


Femdom Author & Graphic Artist


Creator and owner of ALANIAS...  Author of the unique Alania Dawes archive...

Let Alania's voice be silenced not...
For the truth is a dangerous, foul headed beast...